Tuesday Lounge Review: Tabanero, 8/4/20

Tuesday Lounge Review

Tabanero Cigar
August 4, 2020

Lounge Name: Tabanero Cigar

Street Address: 1601 E 7th Ave
City: Ybor City
State: Florida
Metro Area: Tampa

Estimated Seating Capacity: 20 inside / 4 outside

Overall Rating: 3.0
(note all ratings out of 5.0)

Humidor Size Rating: 1.5
Humidor Selection Rating: 2.5
Atmosphere Rating: 4.5
Culture Rating: 3.5
Air Quality Rating: 3.0

Description: The first thing that should be noted about this lounge is that it is a boutique, meaning it produces it’s own cigars in house. Tababero is a boutique only so they do not carry any cigars not made there. The Humidor is small but with a good selection of all Maceda cigars, which is the name of their house brand. There is a great boutique atmosphere highlighted by 3 roller stations up front and a visible aging room along the entire left side of the seating area. Tabanero is more of a daytime lounge sporting hours that run from 10 am to 6 pm daily. It backs this daytime atmosphere up by including a full service coffee shop near the back of the shop. This is all part of a lounge that is very clean with a chill atmosphere. Tabanero has no TVs, but does have 6 high end great couches, leading to a culture of conversation and contemplative focus. I would also be remiss not to mention the giant 10 foot tall cigar statue at the front door, that emits real wood smoke every few seconds giving the appearance that the cigar is lit.

Comments: Bottom line on Tabanero is an absolutely incredible place and every cigar smoker who has the opportunity to stop in there should absolutely do so. You might be thinking a 3.0 is a good score on ChristianCigarSmoker, but the way you are talking about this place I would expect a higher number. The answer to that is that we are grading based on Tabanero as a lounge which is in some ways unfair. After all this is a boutique and an absolutely great one, with a wonderful product. In fact I would rate it my top boutique in Ybor City. The coffee shop is great along with the daytime vide. Still as a lounge it loses point for closing early, having a no outside drinks policy, and not introducing the option of watching sports.

So why is it so high on my list of places to go? While taking a look at the description above should give you a good idea to start with, but the biggest factor is the people. The rollers that sit up front give you a look at how the craft should be preformed. The people that work there include men like Steve, who gave us a history lesson second to none about the city of Ybor. You can see this history in the Ybor episode of the ChristianCigarSmoker Podcast (coming soon). And finally, there is the owner, Yanko Maceda. Sr Maceda is a great cigar man, who is forward thinking, even tempered, and engaging. If you would like to hear more about Yanko Maceda, Tabanero, and our time there, check out “A Conversation with Yanko Maceda: Why the Cigar Industry Needs to Stop Being Cut-Throat“.

Person Reviewing: Pastor Smokey (aka. Doug Goodman)

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