Tuesday Lounge Review: Long Ash, 8/11/20

Tuesday Lounge Review

Long Ash Cigars
August 11, 2020

Lounge Name: Long Ash Cigars

Street Address: 1728 E 7th Ave
City: Ybor City
State: Florida
Metro Area: Tampa

Estimated Seating Capacity: 20 inside / 30 outside

Overall Rating: 3.5
(note all ratings out of 5.0)

Humidor Size Rating: 2.5
Humidor Selection Rating: 3.0
Atmosphere Rating: 4.0
Culture Rating: 3.0
Air Quality Rating: 3.0

Description: Long Ash Cigars is not only a lounge it is also a Boutique, which means it makes and ages it’s own cigars on the same premises as the lounge. The Long Ash humidor is 95% boutique, meaning 95% of the cigars they sell are their own. In this case the other 5% are flavored acids, which I found to be hilarious. They even confirmed to me that the reason they stock the Acids is so those people that are not real cigar smokers but get dragged in by someone who is will still have something to smoke. Long Ash may very well have the largest boutique line up in Ybor City. They accomplish this not only by having close to 50 different rolls and blends but also by offering each one in both regular and sweet tipped.

Long Ash is located on the historic 7th street in Ybor City. The lounge has a shotgun layout. As you enter from the front you are immediately met by a single roller with a full rolling station and set up to view the cigar making craft. As you begin to move back through the shop you will find a full service bar. This bar has a good selection of both liquor and beers. They try and offer a strong selection of craft beer, with a focus on those made in Florida, although they don’t have any taps, just bottles and cans. Continuing toward the rear of the building here is a nice comfortable seating area. Followed by The humidor next to the merchandise wall. Inside the humidor you will find two walls of cigars, one wall is their boutique selection and the second is that same selection in sweet tip form. Above the humidor you get a cool glimpse of their aging room where their newly rolled cigars will age to perfection. At the back of the lounge you will find the bathrooms and you will also find a few TVs throughout the lounge, with a chill modern music selection playing over the sound system at a volume that still allows for good conversation.

Comments:If you want the best of the spirit of Ybor City and it’s cigar culture all wrapped up in one spot, that spot would have to be Long Ash. It has a little bit of everything you want in an Ybor lounge, a boutique selection, a roller up front, a full service bar, indoor and outdoor seating, sports on the TV, and a central location on the 7th street strip.

The thing that really makes Long Ash is the great staff. I have to throw out a shout out to one of the bar tenders, Ryan, here. About a month before I headed down to Ybor with the ChristianCigarSmoker guys I called down to check with the lounges about their availability during COVID-19. The first two places I called were unhelpful, one not answering and the other not answering my questions. Then I called Long Ash, Ryan answered and gave clear and helpful answers. A month later when we arrived in Ybor, Long Ash was the first lounge we stopped at. Ryan happened to be working and not only did he help us out with great cigar knowledge when we got there, he also remembered me from our phone conversation a month earlier. We found that all the staff at Long Ash to be friendly and helpful with a great knowledge in both the humidor and behind the bar.

Long Ash was also kind enough to provide an exclusive look at the specials they offer. Here are the Long Ash daily specials that run from 4 to 7: $5 Coppertail Brewery Beers, $5 Castillo Del Diablo, $5 Lost Angel Moscato, $5 Wells, and $7 Slownlow Old Fashioned   (Please note these specials may be changed without our knowledge so please allow for variance at the actual location).

Person Reviewing: Pastor Smokey (aka. Doug Goodman)

Lounge Website: https://thelongashcigars.com/

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