Tuesday Lounge Review – 12/8/20 – Casa de Montecristo

Tuesday Lounge Review

Casa de Montecristo
December 8, 2020

Lounge Name:Casa de Montecristo

Street Address: 510 S Howard AveCity: Tampa
State: Florida
Metro Area: Tampa

Estimated Seating Capacity: 20 inside / 10 outside

Overall Rating: 3.0
(note all ratings out of 5.0)

Humidor Size Rating: 3.5
Humidor Selection Rating: 3.0
Atmosphere Rating: 3.5
Culture Rating: 3.0
Air Quality Rating: 3.0

Description: Casa de Montecristo is located just east of downtown Tampa and is one of those lounges that is very un assuming from the outside but defiantly sees a jump in atmosphere when you walk in the front door (or perhaps side door given the parking set up). This Lounge sports a good sized walk in humidor, comfortable open-plan seating area, and a full service bar (just drinks, no kitchen).

When it comes to the humidor, Casa de Montecristo impresses in every category but stops short of blowing any minds. The size is better than most, with a comfortable and we ordered layout. The selection is not only sizable but of good quality. It sports a lot of the better brands that are not seen everywhere like a near full line-up of Southern Draw. It has a few limited releases to spice things up as well. The prices also impressed, while it was not the cheapest humidor I have walked through, it was much lower than I would usually expect from such a well polished lounge.

The seating area is well furnished, primarily with good quality leather arm chairs and side tables, There are big windows that keep the place well lit, this is not one of your dingy dive lounges. The seating tends to be spaced out. This has its pros and cons. It makes you feel like you have room and opens up the atmosphere to encourage either public conversation or private thoughtfulness. It is not conducive to more private conversations as it is hard to talk across the space without others near by hearing all that is said.

Lastly, it sports TVs and a well stocked bar. There are a good number of TVs without feeling like you are in a Buffalo Wild Wings. The bar has a nice selection as well, again at reasonable prices. I will say it is nice that they give a relatively fair shake to the beer menu as well as the liquor menu.

Comments: If you live in or around Tampa you are probably use to an abundance of great cigar lounges (that is not to say you have too many, I don’t think that is possible), but if you have not been to Casa de Montecristo yet it is worth the trip.

I had the opportunity to visit this lounge along with some of the other ChristianCigarSmoker guys this summer on our trip to Ybor City. For more on our trip, check out our full podcast episode chronicling the trip HERE, including a small clip from outside this lounge. While this lounge is not in Ybor City, it is only a short drive away and I would recommend it to those doing a cigar trip to Ybor. In fact, combining it with a side trip to the Davidoff Lounge as we did is a great idea.

One thing in particular that stood out to me while we where there was a limited production cigar that MyFathers makes just for them (pictured). It was absolutely delicious, in fact, I delayed our departure just so I could enjoy every last bit of it. One of my pet peeves about reviews is that they use the descriptor of creamy far too often. This cigar however, truly deserves that monicker. If you stop into this lounge I recommend giving that stick a try.

Person Reviewing: Pastor Smokey (aka. Doug Goodman)

Lounge Website: https://www.casademontecristo.com/soho/

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