The Monday Review – 8/31/20 – Punch Gran Puro

The Monday Review:

Punch – Gran Puro (Nicaragua)
August 31, 2020

Cigar Name: Gran Puro (Nicaragua)
Company Name: Punch

MSRP (per stick): $5.25
5.5 x 54
Role Type: Robusto

Flavor Profile: Medium

(note all ratings out of 5.0)

Appearance Rating: 3.0
Roll/Burn Rating: 2.0
Flavor Rating: 2.5
Value Rating: 3.0

Description: The Punch Gran Puro (Nicaragua) comes in four different sticks, Robusto (4.9×48), Robusto (5.5×54), Toro (6×54), and Churchill (7.5×54). They range in cost based on size from $5 to $6.25 per stick. This review is based primarily on the Robusto (5.5×54), however, each roll in this line is very similar and you can expect little variation from one to another.┬áThis cigar has a Connecticut Boradleaf Maduro wrapper, and a Nicaraguan filler and binder.

The Gran Puro (Nicaragua) has a good price point for what you get, so if you can get them near their MSRP price you are getting a good value with this cigar. As a general rule this cigar has a consistent reputation and getting a stick with a poor construction is rare, making this a cigar that gets the “old reliable” label from a lot of smokers. It tends to have a solid and evenly distributed burn with draw strength right in the middle of the usual range. Although it does tend to have a very stiff construction.

This cigar has a very mild cold draw, but it tends to start with a stronger flavor when first lit. This is one of those sticks that mellows as you smoke it, although the biggest change in flavor will come in the first half inch. For me the predominate flavors in the Gran Puro (Nicaragua) are caramel, pecans, and leather. It has a very small amount of spice mixed in and what spice is there is a fairly straight forward pepper. This is a cigar without any real sweet flavors except for the slightest hint of a sugary sweetness.

Comments: For me this is one of those cigars that I always enjoy but never seem to be drawn to if there is a good selection around. For me the Gran Puro (Nicaragua), like a lot of other Punch cigars or Fuentes, are the cigars I reach for when I find my self in a place with a limited selection. They are usually available in places that a lot of other gems are not. At the same time, I find that Punch and Fuente are better and more reliable than other cigar makers you typically find in a place with limited selection.

Punch will always have a special place in my heart as it was a punch cigar that served as my gateway cigar when I was a young man just getting into the premium cigar scene. I started smoking the Punch After Dinner Special and from there the cigar world started to blossom.

The flavor profile in the Gran Puro (Nicaragua) has that same distinct Punch style that can take me back. The biggest difference for me with the Gran Puro (Nicaragua) is the stiffness of the construction. I would not recommend this cigar for smokers that tend to clench while smoking like one might do with a pipe. The hard construction, particularly in the wrapper and binder, tend to render the wrapper brittle unless the cigar is conditioned at the higher end of the humidity range.

In the end if you are looking into a humidor with about 10 options available and you see a Gran Puro (Nicaragua) odds are it will be your best choice, and if you are looking into a humidor with 100 options odds are it won’t be.

Person Reviewing: Pastor Smokey (aka. Doug Goodman)

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