The Monday Review – 12/14/20 – The COVID Cigar

In Lieu of “The Monday Review”
One More Way COVID is Ruining Everything

It is Monday, and here at that means it is time for “The Monday Review“. Each Monday we strive to provide you with a high quality, engaging cigar review. So why is there no review this week… COVID thats why!

I know, I know people want to blame COVID for every problem in the world today, but this time it really is the culprit. ChristianCigarSmoker is not yet a large robust organization with lots of reviews. While it is true that some of the other guys will at time write reviews, I [Pastor Smokey] do the bulk of the review work currently. This means at times if I can’t do a review than no one can, and right now I can’t review because of COVID.

So does that mean I have the COVID as I am writing this, no. In fact I came down with COVID over two weeks ago and have long since recovered. Well, recovered in all but one way. As I am sure most of you are aware COVID has this annoying symptom for many people, it causes you to lose you sense of taste and smell. What is more that symptom tends to linger even long after the virus is gone.

This is what happened to me, and as it turns out taste and smell are both kinda important when reviewing a cigar. My taste and smell are both coming back, and I can currently taste and enjoy a cigar again, but I would never want to create a sub-par review because my palate was being interfered with.

So why don’t I just write a review on a cigar I have smoked a lot in the past and I am already familiar with? It is true I have plenty to pick from and writing a review on a cigar like that is helpful and tends to make the best kind of review. However, you still want to smoke the cigar while actively writing the review. Memory is funny when it comes to things like taste and if you really want an accurate description you have to come up with that description while the taste is fresh.

For those kind souls out there who want to know how I am doing after COVID. Let me put it this way not being able to taste my cigar was far and away the worst part of the whole thing. No, I am not exaggerating for effect. Yes, I understand that is some few people it can be very serious and dangerous. No, I don’t think the fact that it can be dangerous means we shut down the world. And no, that is not cold hearted or political, just common sense, as there are other things just as serious and dangerous that a shut down causes.

Ok to conclude…

  • COVID Sucks!
  • But not so much we should all freak out.
  • Know COVID can cause you to lose the enjoyment of cigars for a while.
  • We will return to your regularly scheduled Monday Review as soon as possible.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus and enjoy a cigar, COVID free this year!

[article by: Pastor Smokey]