The Monday Review – 10/5/2020 – JFR Super Toro

The Monday Review:

JFR Super Toro
October 5, 2020


Cigar Name: Maduro Titan
Company Name: JFR (Just for Retailers)

MSRP (per stick): $5.49
Size: 6.5×52
Role Type: Toro

Flavor Profile: Medium

(note all ratings out of 5.0)

Appearance Rating: 2.5
Roll/Burn Rating: 4.0
Flavor Rating 3.5
Value Rating: 4.5

Description: In the case of this Maduro, the filler and binder blend is 100% Nicaraguan tobacco. The finishing wrapper leaf is Nicaraguan Habano Maduro, making this not only a maduro cigar, but a Nicaraguan puro as well.

This cigar has a remarkably consistent construction. Clocking in at a 6.5 x 52 with a pig tail finish it has a nice open draw. This is not a cigar you will need to relight often and the burn is consistent, not given to canoeing. The one thing to watch out for with this stick is that it has a covered foot which tends to drop flakes of burning wrapper on the initial light. This usually occurs when you stop your initial draw, so just watch out.

The Super Toro does not have much front end flavor on the cold draw but leaves you with a rich milk chocolate after taste that sits on the back of your palate. That same chocolate flavor is present in the cigar early in the smoke, however, that particular flavor tends to fade out over the life of the cigar. As the chocolate fades out it gives way to the dominate flavors of aged leather, hey, and cedar. This cigar is set to provide hours of cool, intense smoke and a slow, relaxing burn. The blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves, help to create a balanced, flavorful smoke.

Comments: I have to admit this is one of those cigar that I am known for among my friends. It has become a go to for me particularly when I am buying from a retailer and not online. I happen to be a fan of both Nicaraguan Maduros and low prices and this is a stick that defiantly ticks both of those boxes.

This is a cigar that is super well rounded, it is solid in just about every area, and has a nice long relaxed burn with a good draw. Between the length of the burn and the quality of the flavor the thing about the Super Toro that truly stands out it the value. You will be hard pressed to find a better, long lasting cigar for the money. If you like Nicaraguan Maduros this is certainly one you should check out when you next get the chance.

JFR stands for “Just For Retailers,” and they mean it. Look for them online will yield very limited results and a few years ago it was impossible to buy these online. They’re made by Tabacalera Tropical, and originally they were blended by none other than Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia. Or so the story goes. Pedro Martin successfully escaped the Castro regime in the early 60’s and subsequently spent almost two decades in the American tobacco industry before he entered the cigar market with Tropical Tobacco in 1978.

Person Reviewing: Pastor Smokey (aka. Doug Goodman)

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