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The ChristianCigarSmoker Podcast



Note: This podcast is still in the works. We thank you for your patience as we prepare to launch a true high quality podcast experience as soon as possible.

About the Podcast: The ChristianCigarSmoker Podcast is a true mosaic of great content from both the Christian and cigar worlds. Including interviews with high profile members of both communities, panel discussions, and deep dive talks. Join your hosts, Pastor Smokey and El Jefe, as the delve into all things faith, fellowship, and cigars!



Smokey’s Corner

About the Podcast: Join Pastor Smokey (Doug Goodman) as he explores simple every day questions like, the meaning of life, the origin of the universe, and evidence for faith. Smokey’s Corner is a place for a ChristianCigarSmoker to exercise their contemplative side as our resident pastor explores science, philosophy, politics, social phycology, and christian apologetics.

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