ChristianCigarSmoker Podcast – Ep 1 – Ybor City

ChristianCigarSmoker Podcast
Episode 1
The ChristianCigarSmoker Guys go to Ybor City

Welcome everyone to the long over due first episode of the ChristianCigarSmoker podcast. To start off, without any further ado here is the full episode…

About this episode:

This episode is a chronicle of our ChristianCigarSmoker field trip to Ybor City near Tampa Florida. Most of our episodes will be easy to listen to in an audio only format but due to the nature of this episode and it’s content this episode is one that is designed to be watched in a video format. We hope you enjoy this look at Ybor City which has long been held by many as the cigar capital of the world.

This episode stars Pastor Smokey (Doug Goodman), El Jefe (Paul Redwine), and CigarBenjy (Ben Bolser), and we hope you enjoy it a fraction as much as the three of us did.

What is in this episode:

A Tour of the Cigar Spots in and Around Ybor: Join us as we take a quick look at all the cigar spots on the Ybor strip as well as two great lounges elsewhere in the Tampa area. For a more detailed look at some of these great lounges check out the ChristianCigarSmoker lounge reviews.

A Brief History of Ybor City: This section of the episode features a wonderful interview with our friend Steve who has been working in the cigar industry in Ybor for many years and is the current Lounge Manager at Tabanero Cigars.

El Jefe and CigarBenjy’s Tour of the Lesser Known Sites in Ybor: Join El Jefe and CigarBenjy as they check out some great spots like the famous rooster mural and Seven Eleven.

The Great Rooster Hunt: Watch as El Jefe tries to win unending cigar luck by catching and plucking a tail feather from a wild rooster on the streets of Ybor. (Disclaimer: no roosters were harmed in the filming of this episode, El Jefe is way too slow for that).

El Jefe’s Spanish Lessons: If you failed Spanish in high school this won’t help you improve on your language skills but the lessons are fun none-the-less.

Eric’s Story: Pastor Smokey recounts our time with a brand new cigar smoker in the lounges of Ybor, and how the mission of ChristianCigarSmoker (faith, fellowship, and cigars) can be a truly life-giving experience.

And Much, Much More…

Coming to the next episode:

On our next episode we are excited to sit down with Mark Hall for an exclusive interview. Mark is the author of the book The Cigar Blue Print, manager of the Wright Puff cigar lounge, licensed tobacconist, and former pastor.

Thank you for watching we hope to see you again soon!