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An Appreciation for the Flag of the Dominican Republic

There’s more to appreciate the Dominican Republic than its fine cigars.  

Dominican Republic FlagOn a recent trip to the Dominican Republic (DR), I visited with friends who are missionaries in the Santiago area. My friend Toby showed me the DR flag, which contains many admirable qualities.

My favorite feature of the flag is the Bible in the middle of the banner. My good friend told me that the DR flag is the only national flag containing an open Bible. Moreover, I learned that in the Dominican’s constitution that this Bible is open to John 8:32, which reads “Y conoceréis la verdad, y la verdad os libertará,” which in English reads, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (ESV).  

The words on the DR’s flag, “Dios,” “Patria,” and “Libertad” mean “God,” “Fatherland,” and “Freedom.” Apparently, the founding fathers of the DR valued all three of these.   

dr-flag-middleMy prayer is that the people of the DR value their freedom. Mostly, I pray that Dominicans and everyone — in every nation — come to realize the truth of where true freedom is found: In Jesus Christ!

In the same context, Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the Son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:34-36, ESV). John also recounts Jesus’ words to His disciples when He said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6, ESV). 

Our New Logo!

Introducing the new ChristianCigarSmoker logo!

Every good organization needs a quality logo, and we are proud to debut ours today. Look for this logo to start to be seen more around the website. And in future, we hope to see this logo on some merch that will be available through the website. If that is something you are interested in, please be patient with us. We want to make sure to bring you a quality product at a good price when we are able.

About the logo:

Most of the logo is self-explanatory. However, if you are unfamiliar with the fish, it is called an ichthus and has been a longstanding symbol for Christ followers. If you feel putting a cigar in its mouth is disrespectful. Well, to be blunt, this is probably not the website for you!

Here is some info taken from Wikipedia giving some good detail on the Ichthus symbol:

The ichthys or ichthus, from the Greek ikhthýs (ἰχθύς 1st cent. AD Koine Greek [ikʰˈtʰys], “fish”) is a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish. The symbol was adopted by early Christians as a secret symbol. It is now known colloquially as the “sign of the fish” or the “Jesus fish“.

Origin: the first appearances of the ichthys symbol in Christian art and literature date to the 2nd century AD. The symbol’s use among Christians had become popular by the late 2nd century, and its use spread widely in the 3rd and 4th centuries. In the early Church, the Ichthys symbol held “the most sacred significance”, and Christians used it to recognize churches and other believers through this symbol because they were persecuted by the Roman Empire. The Ichthys symbol is also a reference to “the Holy Eucharist, with which the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes had such intimate connection both in point of time and significance.” While many Christians hang a cross necklace or rosary inside their vehicles, “the fish sticker on the car is a more conscious symbol of a witnessing Christian—significantly, unlike the former, it is on the outside of the car for everyone to see”.

We hope you like our new logo as much as we do!

This is Pastor Smokey praying you all are encouraged in pursuing the glory of God, before and after the smoke clears.

Have a Cigar this Christmas!

Is smoking a cigar really a genuine way of honoring the true and biblical meaning of Christmas? YES!

I admit that when most people think about Christmas celebrations they don’t think of cigar smoking first, or even at all. However, I would like to put forward an argument that having a cigar on Christmas is not only a great way to celebrate. It is in fact, an act that can point to the true biblical meaning of Christmas.

First here are a few of the lesser reasons:

Christmas really is, in part, about being thankful for your family and friends. Please understand, I don’t mean this is the cheesy Hallmark way. However, Christmas is a celebration of God’s great gift of his physical presence with his people in Jesus. Jesus came, intentionally into a family context and gives us a great understanding of community and how much God values both family and community. For most cigar smokers nothing exemplifies quality time with people we love more than slowing down, smoking a cigar, and enjoying the company of great people.

Christmas is also a reminder that God loves his creation so much he decided to physically enter into it. I think it is fitting to take time to appreciate Gods creation even in its broken state. Again, a cigar is a great way to do this. Not only can take time to slow down with a cigar and look around us, but a cigar itself is part of God’s glorious creation. Not an over processed product, but a simple part of nature. (And no that’s not an argument in favor of pot, mind altering substances are a completely different conversation).

The main reason for having a cigar on Christmas:

The true biblical reason for Christmas is to celebrate the coming of our savior Jesus Christ. We remember not only all that Christ has done for us, but also how he decided to come. He came as a baby, and so we remember and celebrate the greatest baby ever born. And what is the most famous traditional way we celebrate the birth of a baby throughout our cultures history?

That’s Right! Smoking a cigar!

The tradition of a child’s father celebrating the birth of his new born child with friends and family has dropped off somewhat in recent years. In part because smoking in hospitals is kinda frowned upon in world of modern medicine, for some reason. However, before hospitals were widely available, childbirth took place at home, with (hopefully) the help of a doctor on call. In the old days, men waited in another room while the messy business of having a baby was handled by his wife and a medical professional or midwife. Being in labor isn’t exactly a quick and easy process, and a cigar could really help pass the time. Celebrating dads would also often gather with friends in the parlor of the house and pass out cigars to light up once the baby was born.

Some claim it goes even further back, tracing the tradition to American Indians who exchanged gifts to celebrate the birth of a child during the “potlatch” ceremony, in which a primitive cigar was among the most prized of offerings.

So this Christmas why not celebrate the birth of God’s son with the time honored tradition of smoking a quality cigar with family and friends. Hey, maybe you even want to light up on of those “it’s a boy” sticks just to drive the point home.

(A quick side note here, if you think smoking an “it’s a girl” cigar is a clever artistic statement in opposition to the historical patriarchy and gender normativity. You are not cool and edgy, you are an annoying ass-hat. Also, more than likely you going to find a lot of stuff on this site challenging. That being said we are glad you are here, and hope this broadens your perspective.)


Seasons Greetings:

In conclusion, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And that you had the opportunity to celebrate our glorious God with family and friends. I hope you consider new ways of enjoying reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas in the future, whether that is with a cigar or another tradition.

On behalf of the ChristianCigarSmoker guys, this is Pastor Smokey wishing you a very merry Christmas!