Biblical Cigars – The Complete List

Bring On the Biblical Cigars!

Here at ChristianCigarSmoker we think cigars and the Bible are a great pairing. In light of this, we think it is only natural for a good cigar to sport a name that derives from, or is a reference to a biblical concept. So for some time now we have been collecting the names of cigars that have biblical themes to them and this article is the result.

If you are looking for a cigar that will create a good biblical image the ChristianCigarSmoker guys have worked together to compile the list later in this article. But, before we get to the full list let’s have a little fun.

First, lets start with my top 5 biblical cigar names. These are listed in order based on how good the name is, not on how good the cigar is.

Top 5 Biblical Names:
1. Drew Estate – Smoking Monk
2. Southern Draw – Rose of Sharon
3. Gurkha – Evil Goliath
4. Southern Draw – Jacob’s Ladder/Jacob’s Ladder Brimstone
5. Viva Republica – Rapture Exodus

A great name is good, but a great cigar is better. So here are the top 5 cigars that happen to have a biblical theme to their name. These are taken from the full list and are in order of their overall rating. (A quick disclaimer on this particular list – I have had most of the cigars on the full biblical name list but not all so this top 5 could have a miss if I haven’t had a good one).

Top 5 Cigars with Biblical Names:
1. My Father – The Judge
2. San Cristobal – Revelation Legend (CCS 4.0)
3. Southern Draw – Jacob’s Ladder
4. Foundation Cigars – The Wise Man Maduro
5. Alec Bradley – Blind Faith

So, without further ado, let’s get to the complete list. The following is the full list of cigar that have biblically themed names, at lease  what we have compiled so far.

The Full list (alphabetical by company):

  • 5 Vegas – Apocalypse
  • 5 Vegas – Apostle
  • AJ Fernandez – Fallen Angel
  • Alec Bradley – Blind Faith
  • Alec Bradley – King David
  • Atlantic – Gran Habano Persian King
  • Atabey – Spiritus
  • Ave Maria – Holy Grail
  • Black Label Trading Company – Salvation
  • Carlos Toraño – Exodus
  • Corona Cigars – Cielo Cigars (line)
  • Crowned Heads – Angel’s Anvil
  • Curivari Achilles – Eternos
  • Drew Estate – Smoking Monk
  • Foundation Cigars – The Tabernacle
  • Foundation Cigars – The Wise Man Cigars (line)
  • Gurkha – Beast
  • Gurkha – Evil
  • Gurkha – Evil Goliath
  • Gurkha – Rogue Armageddon
  • Heaven Cigars (flavored) – (company name)
  • JR Cigars – Casa Blanca Jeroboam
  • JR Cigars – Padilla Doctrine
  • My Father – The Judge
  • Oliva – Hellion
  • PIO – Resurrection
  • Punch – Diablo
  • Ramon Bueso – Genesis
  • RoMa Craft – Intemperance EC XVIII Brotherly Kindness
  • RoMa Craft – Intemperance EC XVIII Charity
  • RoMa Craft – Intemperance EC XVIII Faith
  • RoMa Craft – Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness
  • RoMa Craft – Intemperance EC XVIII Humility
  • RoMa Craft – Intemperance EC XVIII Virtue
  • San Cristobal – Revelation Legend
  • San Cristobal – Revelation Leviathan
  • San Cristobal – Revelation Prophet
  • Southern Draw – Jacob’s Ladder
  • Southern Draw – Jacob’s Ladder Brimstone
  • Southern Draw – Rose of Sharon
  • Tatiana Mocha – Eden
  • Viva Republica – Rapture
  • Viva Republica – Rapture Exodus

The above list is something that we are always updating so if you check back in the future you will likely find some new entries, and even perhaps some new entries in the top 5.

Do you have a cigar to add to this list? or maybe you want to weigh in on the top 5’s that were picked? Let us know by joining the discussion feed on this topic HERE.

[article by: Pastor Smokey]