The following contains links to articles with various views on Christians and smoking. The views expressed in the articles are not necessarily the views of those involved with this website.

An Evangelical Defense of Cigars – Does it seem a bit antiquated to even mention cigars? Or maybe you think it’s the latest110H in a string of hipster statements. For me, cigars and maturity go hand in hand. . . – Ryan Warnock, April 25, 2018.

Cigar Smoking to the Glory of God – A rabbi, a protestant, a Catholic reverend, an atheist, and a Norse pagan walk into a cigar shop, smoke together for about two hours, and have an edifying conversation . . . – Jimmy R. Lewis, August 2018.

Cigars, The Christian, and the Glory of God – A five-part series by Joe Thorn.

Smoking Cigars to the Glory of God – Mark Oestreicher, June 2016.

Can Christians Smoke Cigars? – Video

Why Christians Need to Lighten Up About Smoking – In looking at the question ‘Should Christians smoke?’ John Mayor argues the Church is guilty of employing double standards – Premier Christianity, May 2018.

Is it a Sin to Smoke? – It may come as a surprise to many of my former acquaintances that I occasionally smoke a cigar or pipe, about once a week. Does this conflict with the commonly held belief among Christians that smoking is a sin? – Old Earth Ministries, June 2013.

The Nicotine Journal – The Christian Century, September 2010.