Friends of ChristianCigarSmoker

The following are a list of friends of the site: – This site is mainly just a discussion board that is similar to our discussion board. However, it has been around longer than us and has cultivated some robust discussions. It focuses on pipes where we focus on cigars, and many of it’s most prominent members are friends of ours.

The Rabbit Room – This site is a great one stop shop for creative inspiration from a Christian worldview. This community of artists, musicians, and authors, provide everything from movie and book reviews, to podcasts, to unique publications, comics, and music.

Cigar Rights of America (CRA) – is the first and only consumer-based public advocacy group fighting to protect the individual rights to enjoy premium cigars. Over the past twenty years, the anti-tobacco movement’s reach has broadened, and your ability to enjoy premium cigars and freely participate in a relaxing, social activity has been continually regulated and restricted.

Chicagoland Pipe Collector’s Club – is a great club that has been around for a long time. The big reason we wanted to advertise them as a friend is their awesome pipe show that takes place in Chicago every spring.

Mosaic Kingdom Apparel – is a small print to order apparel company that is run by Pastor Smokey and it proudly designs all of the merchandise. It is a small arm of D.E. Goodman Ministries and is committed to bringing forth of beauty from broken things for the glory of God.