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This site is in its infancy.  We thank you for being patient as we populate it with great content. When it grows up, we hope to feature things like Christian Cigar Smoker Clubs – A directory of where and when believers can meet to smoke and fellowship together.  If you wish to fellowship with other cigar-smoking believers, we would like to post the information for you.  Simply contact us to do so.

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Blog: The Christian Cigar Smoker blog posts are written and published by our team of contributors and cover a variety of topics. Such as: cigar reviews, lists and awards, theology and Christian living, personal reflection, and more.



Christian Cigar Smoker Podcast



Christian Cigar Smoker Podcast: The Christian Cigar Smoker podcast is a twice a month podcast that airs on the 1st and the 15th each month and can be found here. The podcast which started in February of 2020, takes the form of a small group discussion on a variety of topics from theology, to Christian living, to cigars, and is designed to stimulate and model good discipleship and conversation.




Join the Conversation!  Participate in Our Discussion Boards: The Christian Cigar Smoker discussion board is available for community discussion on a wide variety of topics, some related to our blog or podcast and some not.


Christian Cigar Smoker Groups




Network of Cigar Groups (coming soon!): The Christian Cigar Smoker network is designed to help Christians find local groups where they can connect with others around the interest of smoking cigars for the purpose of the Gospel and a good time.

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Visit our blog page and read about cigars and other topics of interest to Christian Cigar Smokers. We also welcome new contributors. Please contact us if your are interested.

Welcome to Cincinnati

Live in or Visiting Cincinnati? Looking for some fellowship with Cigar-smoking Christians? Our founding group meets on a weekly basis in the Cincinnati area.

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